OS Guide: Slipstream Updates Using DISM and OSCDImg

Updated 2019-12-11

OSCDImg is now in the Windows ADK. Install on this Computer and choose Deployment Tools from the features to install.

The Freshen Up step takes a copy of the original Install.WIM file copied from the source installer .ISO file to keep things simple. We do not compound the updates. We always start with a fresh Install.WIM file.

We tweaked the script and folder to create a new one for Server 2019.

The following is the script used to update the Install.WIM file and create a new .ISO file once the process completes.

We use CTRL+H in NotePad to update the dates. Change the New one first then the Current one.

Setup assumes the folders are structured as per the script. Note that our script points to drive L: in this case.

An elevated command prompt is required.